Technical skills

The technical knowledge that Stratec keeps developing, fits any kind of issue and every size of scale, whether macroscopic or microscopic.
This know-how is based on:

  • The complimentary fields of expertise of our pluridisciplinary team
  • Our wide field experience acquired during the past 30 years
  • The technical mastery of sophisticated tools such as modelling tools producing statistic, dynamic, multimodal, and integrated land use-transport models; (GIS) mapping tools and data analyses tools …

It enables us to conduct efficient investigations, define scenarios and assess the results obtained in an objective way, while still maintaining a sharp sense of critical thinking.

It also allows us to efficiently assess the feasibility of our proposals and predict in a reliable way the short, medium and long-term effects.


As the issues we deal with are often very complexe, communication is central to our studies.

We attach great importane to the quality of the messages we transmit (presentations, reports, visuals) and tailor them to the audience (experts, non-experts) and their expectations.

As we are used to establish impact studies, we are very well trained in performing this demanding exercise. The wide range of tools at our disposal also enables us to produce high-quality graphics.

We also made great use of our communication skills when realizing the environmental study reports regarding the automatic subway project “Grand Paris Express”, that raised a public debate gathering thousands of inhabitants of the Parisian region Ile-de-France.

For all the reasons mentioned above, the Stratec experts are frequently invited to present the results of their research at international conferences.

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